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RemitSCOPE indicators have been compiled by experts based on what is insightful and useful to stakeholders and, to a certain extent, based on what is available.

RemitSCOPE draws on, and compiles, data from existing open-source databases. All data is clearly referenced and dated for transparency. It is recognized that there are weaknesses with some of the existing data; for example where data is missing and based on estimates, poorly collected and/or based on small sample surveys.

Where data is not available on key indicators, data has been collected by a dedicated team of RemitSCOPE Researchers through a mix of desk based and primary research.

At RemitSCOPE we are continually striving and working with stakeholders across the continent to improve the quality and dissemination of remittance-related data. RemitSCOPE is based on the best data that is available at this time. Data collection and quality will continue to improve over time.

All data on RemitSCOPE is sourced, dated and the source link is provided where available.

The platform would not be possible without the integral inputs and support from its partners. We would also like to acknowledge the World Bank, FINDEX, Remittance Prices WorldWide, UNDESA and all other sources we referenced in the making of this site.

For more information on the data in RemitSCOPE, please download our RemitSCOPE Methodology Report.


Transparency on the data

RemitSCOPE aims to provide the best available data on remittances and remittance related topics across Africa. Data from third parties has been clearly referenced. Whilst we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these sources, we always choose data that is widely used across the industry.

RemitSCOPE has also worked with Central Banks in some African countries to update their data on remittances and accredit and validate the information published on RemitSCOPE. We are working to expand this validation to more countries.

Disclaimer Data in RemitSCOPE is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. Please use data at your own risk. Additionally, please read our disclaimer on the maps used which imply no judgement on the legal status of the countries and territories depicted.